Formers & Portioners

The Hollymatic 200 is an economical and reliable food-forming machine. Easily interchangeable mold plate assembly lets you select a variey of patty shapes and weights. The 200 is ideal for supermarkets, drive-ins, institutions, schools and cafeterias. 

The Super is an industry favorite for producting high qualiy patties. It forms and portions a wide variety of products including meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, bakery items and more. The Super is found in more restaurants, supermarkets, drive-ins, small locker plants and institutions than any other patty machine.

The Self-Feeding Model R2200 is the perfect solution to your forming and portioning requirements.



Hollymatic’s new 8/65 E Portioning Machine makes it easy to produce gourmet Roto-Flow Patties! It features an easy to use operator touch screen. It’s easy to change speeds. It’s easy to control products. And the exclusive Roto-Flow system easily ensures gentle handling and forming.